Train du Pays Cathare et du Fenouillèdes

he train of Cathar Country and Fenouillèdes. DDM

By car ! By car ! The train of Cathar Country and Fenouillèdes will leave. From the banks of the small station of Axat, take place in the panoramic cars. The show can begin. The show ? The landscape of the upper Aude valley.
The track, which borrows an old railway line closed in 1939, offers a panorama of breathtaking cliffs Corbières Saint Georges gorges through the Lapradelle viaduct with a stunning view of the Cathar castles including Quéribus and. The plains alternate with hills, vineyards and chestnut trees to pines. Of the 60 km that make up the line to connect Rivesaltes in the Pyrenees-Orientales, the journey is embellished with comments.
The railcar traveling at low speed, about 35 kh / h, to take time to enjoy the scenery. But to miss nothing of the jewels of the Aude hinterland, feel free to call at any of the towns along the line, the time of discovery or lunch break. From the village of Saint-Paul de Fenouillet, you can cross the gorges of Galamus, protected natural site. The Cathar history lovers will enjoy visiting the castle of Puilaurens, accessible from Lapradelle.


Ferme aux bisons


Albi - Aveyron

Monument emblématique de la ville d'Albi, la cathédrale impose sa puissance. Son clocher culmine à 78m en tour de guet sur la ville et sur la région. La cathédrale forme avec la Berbie, l’ancien palais des évêques, un groupe monumental de briques sans équivalent.

A single brick vessel world

Albi Cathedral, built from 1282, is the largest brick cathedral in the world: 113 meters long, 35m wide. It surprises the visitor who often compared to a real "castle."

Monument to none, it asserts its power through a style typical of South West France, Southern Gothic. Set on one of the hills above the city as a base, the St Cecile Cathedral of Albi is the testimony of the Christian faith after the Cathar heresy. His unique style is enhanced by its interior, a true Christian art museum. It is the only cathedral in Europe whose walls and vaults are entirely painted over an area covering about 18 500 m2.

One can only be entered by:
- The oldest painted scene of the Last Judgment from the Middle Ages performed on more than 200 m2. It offers a fabulous comic when Heaven, Earth, Hell are staged,
- The rood screen, real white stone lace, closing chorus is decorated with over 270 statues carved by Burgundian Masters
- The vault of Italian Renaissance style, completed in only three years 1509-1512, represents the sky: blue is of mineral origin and 30 chapels, Italian Renaissance invoice also are remarkable,
- Buffet organ Christophe Moucherel eighteenth century. Its unusual dimensions (width 16,40m - 15,30m high) and the variety of its decorations ranked among one of the most beautiful in France. Free concerts are scheduled on Wednesdays and Sundays in July and August.